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March 27, 2004


Derek Cressman

You are thinking about this all wrong. I've posted a response here:


Ruchit K. Shah

Well to begin with, I would have liked to have been able to comment on your blog but it seems to be disabled. However, on policy, I think you're wrong for several reasons.

1) The whole idea of special interests is that there is a connection between the amount of money someone donates and the policy that they get in return. The underlying assumption is that the politician knows who is giving them money and how much money they are giving them and as a result they favor policy, not because of their own views, but rather because of the influence of money in their elections.

2) The way to solve that problem, don't let them know who their contributors are. At this point, politicians run on what they believe or rather what the polls tell them to believe, either way, its closer to democracy than what we have today.

3) The way politics works in Washington is simple, before you meet with someone, you find out how much money they have donated to you, how much they have donated to the opposition, and of course what they have said about you publicly. Depending on these three factors, this is what influences your thought on policy.

Take money out of the equation, and your conscience can play a much bigger role. Perhaps the biggest role would be played by a thought process that goes something like this, "If I vote for this bill, what will my constituents think, and will they re-elect me? Is it in their best interest? If its not, then its not in my best interest."

D. Frank Robinson

I really appreciate your comments. See if you think they parallel mine at the URL above.

best regards,


D. Frank Robinson


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