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May 24, 2004


Biff Dinkle

I got an idea for you. Please try to get McCain to join the party he longs to join, then he will be soundly thrashed in AZ polls and we will be rid of him

Elizabeth Hogg

I am a cradle liberal Democrat, and my parents and my dead husband would probably hate me for this, but I could so get on this bandwagon!! I have had enough of the agonzing - Kerry/Nader?!! Both are losers.

I live in Michigan. Just tell me where to go and what to do. Because I will be there.

Nick Rensing

I have been preaching McCain for President for sometime now.


Johm McCain seems to be the only politician who is still thinking about what's best for our country. If you listen carefully you can hear in his voice that he is pretty disgusted with the politics of his party. But I believe that he could lead both parties back to the business they were elected to do. I am also a democrat who would vote for McCain in a heartbeat!!

As Kerry continues to debate what he believes in while the media debates the CBS fiasco, we continue to see the President preach a stale rhetoric to the choirs of his believers in the battleground states. I remain convinced this election will be no different than our 2000 experience - a minority of the registered will vote to elect one of these jokers and one will win with little strength to mandate real change!Choosing a President from two Skull and Boners is not what the founding fathers had in mind - but then corporate America, the DNA and RNC were not in charge!The only real voice of reason in either party remains John McCain - my only hope is he can politically survive 4 more years before either Bush or Kerry forces us back to the radical civil disobedience of the late '60s.

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